The DuBois Institute

Building Resilience in African American Families Program

The primary goals of this project are to reduce the risk of developing mental health problems or problematic behaviors that lead to juvenile delinquency. It is also designed to increase resiliency and skill development for the African American youth, ages 11-15, who is most at risk of developing mental health or juvenile problems. The program provides services in culturally appropriate settings, incorporating African-American philosophies and traditions. The setting for service delivery is not a traditional mental health setting and assist participants in feeling comfortable seeking services from staff that are knowledgeable as well as capable of identifying the needs and solutions for African American families and individuals. All program interventions are evidence based.

Mission Statement

 The DuBois Institute is a non profit organization focused on community building through youth and family empowerment. Based in Riverside's Eastside(a historically Latina/o and African American neighborhood of Riverside), the DuBois Institute provides services to youth and families in Riverside, Rubidoux, and Moreno Valley as well as the greater Inland Empire and Los Angeles. The DuBois Institute is on the front lines of at-risk youth prevention and early intervention. Under the leadership of its Founder and CEO, Dr. Abdulmumin, Ph.D., the DuBois Institute has designed a diverse group of programs that address youth, their families, and their community, and thus gets to the heart of the community needs. Currently, the Dubois Institute offers a nine month male Afrocentric Rites of Passage Program for youth, supportive effective parenting training for any individual parenting, cognitive behavioral groups that help youth cope with significant stress or trauma, afterschool tutoring, karate classes, counseling and a psychological internship program. All services to youth and families are free. The Dubois Institute offers youth skills for achieving academic and personal excellence and individual and community empowerment. The goal of the DuBois Institute is to decrease the social problems that destroy the human potential of youth and families and to increase their life chances/opportunities and potential for success. founded in 2000. the Institute already has prevention and early intervention funding from Riverside County Department of Mental Health for its "Building Resilience in African American Families" program.